Thursday, January 29, 2009

didja kno? i [thought] not!

k.. so i have wanted to start a blog since before Katy Perry kissed a girl, Jordin Sparks tried to breathe with no air, Heath Ledger made a sick joker, young girls developed a crush on David, and the phrase Ska-doosh went global. today is the day my dream comes true, lives are changed, birds sing, flowers bloom.. um. maybe thats a little to dramatic. In any case i decided that the perfect way to start this blog is to say 25 things you may or may not know about me. Ive seen so many people do it on facebook, and when i was bored in class i decided why not join the movement! so here enjoy!

1- I swore my whole life I would never be a teacher... Im currently majoring in Secondary Education.
2- I love when teachers make not funny jokes, and no one laughs but them.
3- I can't ever sit perfectly still, I'm always fidgeting and usually dancing to the song running through my head.
4- I used to want to be a police officer ---- still kinda do.
5- I've dyed my hair about 20 times.... in the last 4 years
6- When I was a kid I started then quit the clarinet, piano, violin, tap, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, basketball, and track
7 - I'm super jumpy, even people poking their head over my cubicle at work --- yeah i jump.
8 - I want to drop out of school and go explore the world.
9- I have designed a super cute clothing line.... well in my head anyways
10- I have swallowed so so many earring backs..not on purpose.. now that would be weird.
11 - I hate when im sitting in between 2 people in class and i have to take my coat off --- its hard, awkward, and in my case usually ends up being a little violent
12 - I try to smile all the time, like when im walking across campus.. but i usually just feel ridikulous, then laugh at myself, and probly look more weird.
13- Im a firm believer in the idea that there are no bad spellers, if you can spell a word more than one way.. it just means you are more creative.
14 - I laugh all the time.. and at everything.. even blank walls
15- Im terrified of heights -- but cannot wait for the day i get to jump out of a plane!
16 - I have at least one 3 minute dance party every day.. ferreals!
17 - people intrigue me.
18 - If I could be anything, i would be a radio announcer-- i love to talk, tell random stories, ask random questions, and listen.. its perfect!
19 - I can't stand the smell of BBQ sauce... or the taste for that matter..
20- I love spending money on stuff I don't need, and hate spending it on stuff I do need, which is why my closet is so full, while my cupboard.. completely empty.
21- I have played solitaire on the computer for 4 straight hours... and lost hundreds of fake dollars
22- my default emotion is confusion
23- i feel completely at home when it is rainy/cloudy
24- I credit my humor to Gilmore Girls, Charly, and Laffy Taffys
25 -In 2nd grade I lied on the eye exam because i wanted glasses like my older sister... i wore them for about a week... then 6 years later wanted to lie again to get out of getting them for real... its a lot harder to pretend like you can actually see the tiny letters

There you go. that should be enough to get started! im so excited I could jump around.. actually i think ill do just that! [peace]