Friday, August 13, 2010

Breaking Up or Getting Down?

So it is not unusual for me to hear a song once and fall in love. Listen to it on loop at work, sing to it at the top of my lungs in the car, dance to it alone in my bedroom while im getting ready, or just having my daily 5 min dance party.... this can go on for either a day or an entire week.... and THEEEN.. all of a sudden I'll be doing my usual car dance, singing at the top of my lungs, to this amazing new song that has graced the world with its presence, and I'll realize what the words are. I'll stop, I'll think, I'll then know how absolutely teeerible and inappropriate my new favorite song is, and my heart will break.

This happened to me last night, and I was crushed.

Oh new song how I love you so, but I just feel sooo guilty after listening, I can't do it anymore. You were fun to dance too, we had good times, then you just had to go and be all dirty and stuff. So I'm breaking up with you. It's not me, its most definitely you. Tho you will be missed when Emily wants to dance.

I blame the radio, and the world we live in, they play this stuff and get us all hooked!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Im in one of those moods ..

to just cook and cook and cook and cook and maybe bake a little too. 
This happens to me every once in awhile. All I do is sit at work dreaming up all the culinary masterpieces I want to go home and whip up! 

Like right now.... I would love nothing more than to go home and make this : 
or maybe this
probably this

oh and definitely this

with maybe these on the side 

 oh but for sure these. 

buuut. ill probly end up going home, looking in my cupboard and eating this ---
 or maybe these

because I refuse to go grocery shopping seeing as Im leaving in a week, and Im trying to eat the food I have... which as you may have guessed consists of very little. I think I probably could count it all on one hand - my life is sad.

ps --> I am now very hungry, and didn't even bother posting all the things i wish I could bake right now. You would be drooling for sure.

 pps --> Im mildly addicted to food. I know. I have accepted it. and am moving on.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let Him Heal Your Heart

I randomly though of this song this morning as I was running, and it has been going through my head all day. I am so grateful for music and the comfort, power, and spirit it brings. This song especially helped me through some pretty tough times. The lyrics are amazing, and the music is gorgeous. I only wish I could find the piano music, but every google search I have tried today has come up empty. : (

Let Him Heal Your Heart - Tyler Castleton
Who can know the heartache that we're feeling deep inside? 
Who can know the burden you've carried all your life? 
Darkness fills the daylight and the road is much too long. 
Where is heavens answers and the strength to carry on?

When the night is lonely and your pride and fear depart, 
When the tears are falling and the questions fill your heart, 
Think of how he loves you, how he longs to bring you home.
Reach out for his guidance, he has walked your path alone. 

Let him heal your heart, remember every promise he has made. 
Reach into your soul, forsake a life of sin and he will shine that light inside again. 
Let him help you start, to live again and feel his endless love. 
Let him hold and teach you, love and reach you, let him heal your heart.

There's no simple challenge, every road is not the same. 
Every wrong decision is forgotten if you change. 
Feel his warmth surround you, see his arms are opened wide.
And know that he stands ready, when you start to change your life. 

Never doubt his goodness, don't believe that its too late.
He sees your every struggle, and he know the trials you face. 
Follow and believe him, put your trust in him again. 
And change your heart forever, let the miracles begin. 

Let him heal your heart, remember every promise he has made.
Reach into your soul, forsake a life of sin and he will shine that light inside again. 
Let him help you start, to live again and feel his endless love. 
Let him hold and teach you, love and reach you, let him heal your heart. 
Let him hold and teach you, love and reach you, let him heal your heart.

wow huh? Yeah I get goosebumps every time. What an amazing promise we are given.We always have someone, a big brother, watching out for us, arms open wide ready to hug and comfort us. He will never judge, or turn his back. He will always welcome you back, with complete understand in what you are going through, and endless love. I couldn't ask for a more awesome blessing. 

It was Absolutely Lovely

My day yesterday that is.
I went on a lezzy date with this chica and loved every second of it! I'm so lucky that 3 years ago we got to share an apartment at the Colony.

 First we went to a late birthday dinner at Chili's --> this has kinda become one my favorite places.. food equals delish.. and especially the chocolate chip brownie ice cream dessert happiness!

After that we went and saw the Joseph Smith movie --> loved loved loved. I haven't seen it forever!  so powerful. this church is true, and I get to go share that for 18 months. favorite part was at the end they showed this quote.

"Joseph Smith lived and died for the truth. Should we not go on in such great a cause?"

  I think that was my favorite part and it sure hit me the hardest. Joseph Smith lost so much, gave his whole life for the church. Would I be so willing if it ever happened to me? I sure hope so, and I plan on remembering that quote when I complain about little things like being hungry on fast sunday or something. It was definitely the added motivation I needed right now, and just pumped me up for the mission in 2 weeks!

Then on the drive home just talked, listened to music, and watched the lightning. Nothing better than that. I could have been in that car for hours and been perfectly content.

After finding nothing on the radio we were in the mood for we popped in a cd and listened to this song. I can't help but just to be so happy after listening. It is way beautiful and super comforting!  What Heaven Sees in You --> Mindy Gledhill listen to it. love it. I plan on getting the piano music today.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My life is changed..

thats right.. In one simple hour Saturday Zumba changed my whole entire life! yes im dramatic. yes im serious tho. Zumba is a form of exercise that combines Latin music with dancing and working out. It's all about shaking the hips, moving your arms and feet and working all the muscles of your body. I have heard a lot about it but never checked it out so when I was at the gym Saturday morning and saw the class was starting I thought why not test it out just for fun, and now I am completely addicted! I so wish I had gone earlier! 

Things I loved: 
- it was way harder than I thought it would be. I came out of there so sweaty and tired. 
- we moved for 60 min straight, and even tho I was so tired I was having so much fun dancing I could have gone for another hour or two
- i could pretend that I was actually good at Salsa dancing and shaking my hips
- watching the instructor just re-enforced my love for working out, and my decision to go into Exercise and Wellness. I could totally see myself up there teaching an aerobics class. 
- all time highlight tho --- watching the old ladies doing the black girl booty shaking moves! soo funny! : )

If you have the chance to hit up a Zumba class or even watch a Zumba dvd I'd jump on that. En serio.