Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ok so.. when you work in front of a computer all day.. you run across some pretty interesting/funny pictures... and today I would like to share a couple with you.

First I present to you the "Peekaru" aka "Baby Snuggie".

I can't even begin to describe how creepy/funny looking this is. I mean who doesnt want to walk around with a baby head popping out of their chest. Dang can you just imagine the nightmares kids are going to have after seeing this picture.... and hearing that thier new little brother/sister is in mommy's tummy.... ahh..... but besides that I mean looks ideal for a cool autum hike eh? I mean the mom and baby look to be rather enjoying themselves.

Now for the second one...

I have to admit.. its really cute.. Look how small that dog is! not to mention it's impeccable posture. What i find funny about this one is that this picture was a visual aid for an advertisment saying this "And who wouldn’t love dressing up their dachshunds in a hot dog bun? The problem is that real hot dog buns get stale, they crumble, and will most likely get eaten by your pooch." -- yes, I do see that, look how that bun is just falling apart..quite the tragedy... i mean that is simply just not an acceptable way to dress up your dog! but no worries, no worries, they now sell these: And I quote- ---- "The Hot-Diggity Dog Costume"

-- complete with ketchup and mustard!