Friday, July 30, 2010

Pre-Mish activities

I have made a list of everything I want to do before I leave on my mission in 3 weeks. As I was writing I realized that it's less things that I need to DO.. and more things I need to EAT. yes. im a fatty. I like food. don't judge. I just need to make sure I get all my cravings out now before I get to some place like Chile where things like chocolate and peanut butter are hard to come by. no big deal.

My list is as follows:
 - Foods -
 * peanut butter bars
 * Cazookie from  The Chocolate   done.. and probably the best thing i have ever eaten.. seriously. go there. eat it. fall in love. just sayin.
 * lemon bars
 * In-N-Out
 * Rolo Cookies
 * Sushi  -- and it was a paaartie! all you can eat, with work friends. yes please.
 * Scotcheroos
 * Kneaders French Toast
 * cinnamon rolls
 * Pie Shake at Sammy's
 * Chinese food
 * pizza from Slab

I already have lunch dates planned, and have forewarned my coworkers that I will be baking a lot in the next 2 weeks so they should prepare for treats.

- Do -
 * float the Provo River
 * hike Timp to see the sunrise
 * play croquet
 * see Inception
 * longboard down the Canyon
 * Ride Jeff's horses   (-- a date has been set.. yippee! or should i say yee-haw! )

My best friend ever is coming down this weekend and I cannot wait to see her! This will be the last time I get to see her : ( so we are going to make the best of it! Hopefully we will be able to cross a few things off this list of mine!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica

Thoughts for Thursday.  -- Bears Edition --- 
appears cute right? don't be fooled.

Being mauled by a bear would be the absolute worst way to die. Especially when you are just sleeping peacefully in your own tent, dreaming about chocolate brownie sundaes, rainbows, and butterflies.  <-- it happened. Just another reason why trailer/motor home camping trumps tents.

Speaking of bears-- and biting--- this video is super funny. I may or may not have started to cry. The funny level may or may not have been increased due to my lack of sleep and boredom at work. But I don't think so, it really is just funny.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things I did today...

Went to court --- I saw people being booked and sent to jail right in front of my very own eyes! --handcuffs, officers, orange jumpsuits, prosecutors, the works. My favorite couple, the tiny blond girl who was in custody for domestic violence, but her husband (the one that pressed charges) was there to love on and support her. The prosecutor thought he was crazy seeing as he was a witness against her. And apparently he is waiting for his own court date to be tried on the same charge-- domestic violence -- his wife pressed charges. Strange couple. Full of issues. So entertaining.
  - Next best moment: When the judge like lost it and started yelling at everyone in the courtroom saying how they needed to stop abusing alcohol because not only where they going to land some serious jail time for doing stupid things, but also will die prematurely. It was awesome. I almost threw out an AAMEN BROTHER! just for him.

Sent my brother off to the MTC --- 
it wasn't really a big deal seeing as I will be seeing him in a month. same time, same place [well not same time, but it needed to be said for the statement to flow] Im so happy that we are going through this experience together. It had been nice to have someone to talk to about everything who completely relates to me and knows what I'm going through. Plus we have grown so much closer because of this, and our relationship will only get stronger as we share actual mission experiences. en espanol too!

Cashed in on my birthday --- Yes, it is exactly as it sounds. First off I went to Tucanos for lunch and got my free meal. I did not, however, get my a song or ice cream! I was a bit sad about that one. But Tucanos mest up and sent me dos coupons so I may just have to cash in that second one too. But theeen I get to work and signed up for every single birthday offer I could find! The list includes, but is not limited to: free coldstone ice-cream, free baskin robbins, $30 gift card for Benihanas, free cookie dough from Papa Johns, free cookie from quiznos, free blizzard from DQ, free meal from Noodles & Company, $5 off Marie Callendar's, free milkshake and tacos from Del Taco, half dozen donuts from Krispy Kremes, and I'm planning on selling my plasma tomorrow because they give you a birthday bonus. boo-yah! birthdays only come once a year. I plan on making the most of it.  *** note all these coupons expire the end of the month so I won't just explode tomorrow, nor will I really use all of them, but the fact that I caaaan.
If you want free birthday stuff too.... go here .. just one of the many websites I checked out.

Yeeeahh--its been a good day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Week!

Its my birthday week! -- and yes I believe in celebrating the whole week, not just the day.
Plus this is even a very special birthday. My golden one. 22 on July 22.
So I have really awesome plans for every day this week.
Monday - chillin wit the fam and dying sisters hair
Tuesday - Salt Lake Temple
Wednesday - Tucanos, taking Elliott to the mtc (less happy but still exciting)
Thursday -  ???
Friday - Wallflowers birthday dance party

Fun huh! um. but do you see those question marks.. on the Thursday... the actual day of my birth. they need to go away like immediately, but I don't know what to do. My mom and sis are going to be in town so we want to celebrate but we just dont know how?! Ideas.. now please!!!

Ps. If you are going to be in Provo on Friday night, you best be coming to my party!
NRFW: the GOLDEN M  <--- be there!

Friday, July 16, 2010

you will never be lonely if you are your own friend

the last 10 emails in my inbox are from myself. Things i want future emily to remember.
I have friends i promise.

okay. maybe i really am just that lame.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I don't even like dogs but...

how can you resist this precious little face?
or this one?
if i can't share my life with a man, im going to share it with a dog, this dog. We will do everything together. it will be adorable alright. not pathetic in the slightest.

Hoy voy a ver mi familia! Voy a divertirme! : ) Im practicing my spanish. Ill practically be fluent by the time I get to the mtc. [shifty eyes]

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Wedding?

I have always said I wanted a summer wedding - outdoors, no rain, warm, pretty. happy.
But after seeing these... my mind is conflicted 

Im really kinda digging the umbrellas and boots. Supes cute. My umbrellas would definitely not be just boring black tho, gots to have personality dontcha know . Rain might just be ok after all.

** my home teacher recently told me that he met these girls that say supes instead of super and he thought it was completely annoying. So immediately I adopted it into my own vocabulary to annoy him and everyone else around me. Your welcome.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

I work with a bunch of girls and one lonely boy so as a result our conversation often turns to food and tv shows while Matt sits back rolling his eyes. Today alone we have covered our obsessions love for:


have you tried the Nuts about Berries salad? um delish. plus you get a free chocolate strawberry with every meal. hello. yes please!

 we are going to steal Roberto away and have him all to ourselves because he is so dang attractive. Frank needs to man up and grow some confidence, and Kirks family is just plain weird. The taxidermy filled basement and freezer full of dead animals next to their popsicles and other frozen treats. eek. gross. Chris is just a cutie.

Einstein Bagels
 we had to order this for a crew breakfast tomorrow and all started craving. Then Krystina and I caved and went on a lunch date.

Pretty Little Liars
we cant help it. we are all obsessed. and we are not ashamed.[well a little maybs] but en serio. Plot: 5 friends - one gets kidnapped then a year later her body is found dead, and now the 4 other friends are getting mysterious texts and other creepy notes from the dead girl! oh and all the messages are about secrets that only the dead girl knew.....  How can you not be drawn in! Plus they are pretty. plus the girls name is Spencer which just makes me want to name my own daughter that even more. Its on tonight.. and the preview loooks way gooooood and dramatic. we may or may not have watched it a couple times.

Ice Cream Cake - specifically of the Oreo nature
we are throwing a BYUB July birthday party Friday.... ice cream cake is a must, along with a pinata, party hats, and streamers. ill keep you posted. 


 This show is not even on anymore and we are still lovin on it. Faithfully - in the finale. goosebumps.

Arby's Curly Fries
they trump all other fries. the end.

its new on abc all the crazies from The Bachelor and Bachelorette are going to be on it. Including weatherman. and Tenley who is just super cute. I cannot wait!! Sadly I will only be able to watch one episode before the mish. Lara promised to write me plot details. ha. jk.

Other topics included how over-done headbands are becoming and the current BYU style. Vintage Fab.
As you can tell Matt loves us. im sure.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I fight Crime

The other night I had a pretty sweet dream. I fought crime and bad guys and won!

This is what happened: Amy was getting married so a bunch of people were at this sports club type thing for the wedding/reception. But while we were there my friend Jaylene and I find out somehow that the flower girl is going to be kidnapped so we had to stop it! Instead of just hiding the little girl, or watching her constantly we decided the best way would be to investigate and stop the kidnappers before they could even get a chance to think about it. So in all our bridesmaid get-up (little black hot dresses, and very high, very awesome green heels) Jaylene and I set up a stake-out.

The club happened to be very busy that day because there was some sort of kids sports competition as well. It was like a track meet, but basketball was also involved. Naturally like any stake out Jaylene and I hid in the bushes and watched everyone as they came in figuring that once we saw the kidnapper we would just know that was him and we would take him out. Well we sit there for awhile when these 3 men came in accompanied by about 10 kids. And like we had thought we just knew. They were the kidnappers. I think it must have been the sketchy beanies, and slightly gray haired scruffy beards that gave them away. Plus there were 2 really big guys, then one super skinny little one with a high pitched voice. Basic criminal posse if you ask me. So then we follow them. 

And find out that all the kids with them were kidnapped. They had searched out the most athletic children and snatched them just for the competition this weekend, and the flower girl was just the last thing they need to make their victory sure. We decided right then that not only were we going to stop a kidnap from occurring and throw those men in jail, we were also going to save all those kids! When they were all in the locker room preparing for their meet we distracted the kidnappers and snuck all the kids out the window, but the kidnappers caught us on the last kid. This was when it got gooood. Jaylene and I basically beat the crap out of those guys. Kung-fu style, along with using the heels of our shoes, and toilet paper to tie them up. It was siiick!
Then we saved the day, and the wedding, and the world basically.  It was neat. That is all. 

[ps. I waaaant those shoes baad! for reals. post mission. done. ]

Friday, July 9, 2010

This is my life.

This week has been great and super fast!
Monday my family went biking down by Cascade Locks, it was gorgeous! I forget about green trees sometimes living in Utah. 
 Yes Abby and I felt like Sound of Music at times. In fact we even sang a little "Doe a Deer" to set the mood. 
After the bike ride we went and explored the fish ladders. 
I fell asleep. It was a great nap! Aaand that is about all i got out of it, except there were some pretty big fish, which was kinda neat. Also I really wanted to drop something  (like a baby's shoe perhaps) down up top and see if the viewers below would see a random shoe float by.

Also I was able to talk to my best friend ever! She is going to Hong Kong and was at the airport calling home. It was good to hear her, and listen to how excited she is about her mission. It just makes me want to leave already! Plus she spoke a little Cantonese for us, so crazy to hear! 
 She is one awesome missionary already and she is going to be even more amazing in China!

Tuesday was a fun-filled day of driving 13 hours. It took longer due to horrendous amounts of construction and missing the I-15 turnoff. That is a mistake one should never make, you have to drive about 25 minutes out in the middle of nowhere Idaho until you can turn around. We were very tempted to just pull a U-ey on those police driveways on the freeways. Definitely weighed the pros and cons on that one. What made the drive better was listening to this book on cd. 
  I have never done that before, the whole book on cd thing, but it's not to bad. However, by the end I did want to punch the reader in the face because her voice was super annoying, and the whole time I just wished I had my own copy of the book to read myself because I just want to know what happens already and she is reading so dang slow! But reading and driving is unsafe children, and could be considered UNdefensive driving..soo books on cd = good. 

Returned to work on Wednesday. First 8 hour day in about a month.. bleeeh. enough said. I was ansy about an hour in. 

Highlights of Thursday: for my lunch break I decided to walk through the neighborhoods across the street, it might have been one of my best ideas this month. I love walking, I love Utah houses [this is a whole other story, but they are pretty, and clean, and pretty, and nice], I love blasting my ipod. It was perfect. And I ran across this girl selling lemonade, so naturally I bought some from her, just to support the cause. Plus it took me back to my lemonade/snow cones/oriental trading toys selling days! Sally the 7yr old, and I had a lovely life chat for about 20 minutes. She was bomb! 
And then I ran across this gem! 
Cute little neighborhood park.
complete with gazebo, and picnic tables! New lunch destination? I think yes absolutely!

Also I got free food. Chili's. Courtesty of BYUB. No complaints there. 

Then today is FRIDAY! hello weekend, nice of you to come back! I dont really have plans but I have high hopes. I know tonight Im going to be doing a little bit of dancing. And hoping that tomorrow will be full of plasma donating, croquet playing, and tennis ball hitting! :) 


Less than 7 weeks -- yes im counting down. 
Oh and I had to say goodbye to this boy for a year and half.
It was traumatic...and when I say traumatic I mean slightly anti-climatic but still sad. 

Oh and this family. 
It was also very upsetting. Mostly because Amy didn't even say goodbye, apparently sleep comes first. uh rude. *tear*