Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ok so.. when you work in front of a computer all day.. you run across some pretty interesting/funny pictures... and today I would like to share a couple with you.

First I present to you the "Peekaru" aka "Baby Snuggie".

I can't even begin to describe how creepy/funny looking this is. I mean who doesnt want to walk around with a baby head popping out of their chest. Dang can you just imagine the nightmares kids are going to have after seeing this picture.... and hearing that thier new little brother/sister is in mommy's tummy.... ahh..... but besides that I mean looks ideal for a cool autum hike eh? I mean the mom and baby look to be rather enjoying themselves.

Now for the second one...

I have to admit.. its really cute.. Look how small that dog is! not to mention it's impeccable posture. What i find funny about this one is that this picture was a visual aid for an advertisment saying this "And who wouldn’t love dressing up their dachshunds in a hot dog bun? The problem is that real hot dog buns get stale, they crumble, and will most likely get eaten by your pooch." -- yes, I do see that, look how that bun is just falling apart..quite the tragedy... i mean that is simply just not an acceptable way to dress up your dog! but no worries, no worries, they now sell these: And I quote- ---- "The Hot-Diggity Dog Costume"

-- complete with ketchup and mustard!

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's a party, so lets eat cake!

Okay so a little while ago my sister showed me the blog CakeWrecks and I fell in love. I immediately shared it with everyone I could. To my excitement I even got a couple people I work with as addicted. We would come in, and look up the wreck of the day, then talk and laugh about it. Highlight of the day. Work is boring. The downside of looking at pictures of cake all day, even ones that look slightly unappetizing.. well it makes you crave it like no other.. but we weren’t craving a really good looking cake, we wanted a really funny wreck. We wanted to send it in, and be famous basically. So Mercedes decided to go order a cake from the cheapest grocery store bakery she could think of. All she asked was that it said BYU Broadcasting and have the theme of tv. The day came we were super excited to see it, open the box, and to our disappointment it actually looked really good...well for a store bakery.. it looked like a tv that said BYU Broadcasting on the screen. not bad at all.. it was lame.

Alright so then today happened. It was our friend Allison's last day at work because she is going on a mission, so this time we went to a pretty nice bakery and told them that we wanted a cake for our friends last day of work/mission congrats. Something like congrats or good luck, and it was for a girl named Allison. Not hard right. Pretty standard. We open the box and this is what we get....

Looks familiar right?... kinda takes you back to the artwork hanging in your 3rd grade classroom maybe?. cursive and all. .. Needless to say, we weren't too sad... I think the fact that we actually didn't even try to rig this and it still turned out a wreck really was the icing on the cake. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

If Cats Really had 9 Lives then...

...there would be one less cat on the side of the road.
Yes. Driving to work this morning I hit a cat with my car.. and it was kinda traumatic.
The Story:
I’m just driving along dah de la, when this cat darted out right in front of my wheel! I slammed on the brakes, and swerved, crisis averted right, all would have been good, BUT then the cat changed its mind and jumped back the other way.. in the direction of my swervage, and bam… It seriously had a suicide wish.
So Im not much of a cat person, but still someone was and that was their cat and I was sad. But not as sad as when I decided to look back at the road/cat *shudder* bad idea.. image I didn’t need.. all I can really say is.. what a cat-astrophe.

I think in the future.. I will avoid hitting things. Good idea. I thought so.

And note: Meet the Robinsons –great advice—keep moving forward… and looking forward. Or to the side. down even wherever. Just not back.. seriously scarred.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I just found out..

that a song that i really love right now is sung by...

yeah.. ashley tisdale.... : ( dont worry im judging myself right now.
Oh well.. still a good song.
"It's Alright, It's Ok"

Sometimes Bands Battle

So last night I went to a Battle of the Bands… and made me think of a couple things..

1- I cannot wait for my guitar class this fall! Super duper excited.

2- Everyone writes songs about love.. and honestly.. im not so sure that I like them all that much.. well.. thats a lie i most definitely have my share of sappy love songs in my itunes, but its just a little..whats the word.. unoriginal.. yes we need a few more random songs out there.. like this --
http://www.ringofscribes.com/Revival/Tracks%20(192%20kbps%20mp3)/05%20Lego%20Guy.mp3 haha.. for sure.

3- Going and watching a band play is kinda an interesting thing to me.. I suppose this doesn’t pertain to a hit, famous band, but more like small local bands.. I mean its just a bunch of people standing around, not knowing the songs so there is no singing or humming along, there is however awkward bopping of the head while trying to figure out what to do with their arms… should they be folded (wait.are we about to pray?), in the pockets, down to the side, waving in the air like you just don’t care?… all the while just staring at the band as if to say “you better entertain me, or im walkin” weird.. enjoyable.. but weird.

4- Bands definitely need to have an identity… a music style… genre that is consistent or else people just get lost. for example.. one of the bands tonight started out with kinda hardcore rock music .. switched too a country twangish type thing.. only to finish with a relaxing acoustic number… versatile.. yes… confused about its music genre sexuality… definitely.

I liked it though.. going and just listening to good music.. can life get better I submit that it cannot!

Graduation-- A Time for Reflection, Pictures, and BBQs

So this weekend it was my brothers graduation, which was kinda weird. My family is getting so old! Its kinda awesome tho because now we are all at the age where we are friends and like to hang out and have fun and joke, and play, and its good. But also with elliotts graduation it made me think about how I graduated 3 years ago, and how fast it has gone by! I can’t even believe it. Basically its just cuz I don’t feel like im 21.. I still feel like im 18.. I wonder if that is where my brain will be stuck. You know how sometimes you talk to older people and they always say how they feel like they are young still.. I think that everyone must have a different age where they just love and that is how they are always gonna feel.. and I really think that mine is 18… young. fun. life is a party meant to be enjoyed. doesn’t take things very seriously. still learning. yet independent. Yep 18 im here to stay just a slighty more mature version.… I guess talk to me in 10 years and see what age I am then.. 21 looks like it will be a pretty awesome age too.

Also its just so interesting look at how much has changed and how much has stayed the exact same. For instance.. high school friends all of our personalities have changed.. yet our friendship is more or less the same, in some cases better. I also got to thinking this weekend about the lists you made around graduation what do you want to be doing in 5 years blah blah blah.. and I feel like I haven’t made much progress on my list….. so I decided to make a new one.. or alter it a little…. Where exactly do I want to be in 3 years? And really I kinda just want to see where life takes me.. my only goal.. BE DONE WITH SCHOOL!! I just need to figure out what I want to do for real.. run with it.. and be motivated and driven just to finish.

Basically graduation was fun, the weekend was a blast! Lots of BBQs, lots of family time, not as much friend time which I feel bad for, but it was so amazing spending all that time with just my fam.. much needed break for sure.

**fotoz coming soon… camera picture removal cord is currently m.i.a.**

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is for real.

As of today Im officially joining the blogging world. Reasons being:

+Boredom at work has reached its max

- there are no more paper clips for me to bend and play with—did you know that if you bend them a certain way you can make them jump! Yeah.. cool I know.. im currently have a contest with myself to see how high I can get them to go… see.. bored.
+ I have now read all of my friends blogs.. starting at the beginning.. and even some of their friends blogs.. (yes im a blog stalker.. yes I have a problem)
+ Facebook is getting a little repetitive, uninteresting, overtaken by quizzes... whaat? I know right. But it is
+ Stories should have a chance to be told.. its their right
+ Seeing as I haven’t had an English class for over 2 years… I could probably use the writing practice.
+ But mostly it comes down to peer pressure, everyone’s doing it.. and I MUST be a part of everyone.. ; )

So… IM GOING HOME TODAY!! .. yay… I plan on making this the best weekend ever.. I have big plans I tell you, and will drag everyone along with me. And I get to see my best friend in Boise, and eat a Brownie Batter Blizzard.. sounds amazing right? However, getting there.. not so much fun.. Amy and Madeline are coming, which is way good news, im super excited and she is surprising the fam, so that will be way fun.. but 12 hour drive + 1 month old baby = uhh.. Scary.. and looong.. but all worth it in the end. Bring on the earplugs/headphones!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

didja kno? i [thought] not!

k.. so i have wanted to start a blog since before Katy Perry kissed a girl, Jordin Sparks tried to breathe with no air, Heath Ledger made a sick joker, young girls developed a crush on David, and the phrase Ska-doosh went global. today is the day my dream comes true, lives are changed, birds sing, flowers bloom.. um. maybe thats a little to dramatic. In any case i decided that the perfect way to start this blog is to say 25 things you may or may not know about me. Ive seen so many people do it on facebook, and when i was bored in class i decided why not join the movement! so here enjoy!

1- I swore my whole life I would never be a teacher... Im currently majoring in Secondary Education.
2- I love when teachers make not funny jokes, and no one laughs but them.
3- I can't ever sit perfectly still, I'm always fidgeting and usually dancing to the song running through my head.
4- I used to want to be a police officer ---- still kinda do.
5- I've dyed my hair about 20 times.... in the last 4 years
6- When I was a kid I started then quit the clarinet, piano, violin, tap, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, basketball, and track
7 - I'm super jumpy, even people poking their head over my cubicle at work --- yeah i jump.
8 - I want to drop out of school and go explore the world.
9- I have designed a super cute clothing line.... well in my head anyways
10- I have swallowed so so many earring backs..not on purpose.. now that would be weird.
11 - I hate when im sitting in between 2 people in class and i have to take my coat off --- its hard, awkward, and in my case usually ends up being a little violent
12 - I try to smile all the time, like when im walking across campus.. but i usually just feel ridikulous, then laugh at myself, and probly look more weird.
13- Im a firm believer in the idea that there are no bad spellers, if you can spell a word more than one way.. it just means you are more creative.
14 - I laugh all the time.. and at everything.. even blank walls
15- Im terrified of heights -- but cannot wait for the day i get to jump out of a plane!
16 - I have at least one 3 minute dance party every day.. ferreals!
17 - people intrigue me.
18 - If I could be anything, i would be a radio announcer-- i love to talk, tell random stories, ask random questions, and listen.. its perfect!
19 - I can't stand the smell of BBQ sauce... or the taste for that matter..
20- I love spending money on stuff I don't need, and hate spending it on stuff I do need, which is why my closet is so full, while my cupboard.. completely empty.
21- I have played solitaire on the computer for 4 straight hours... and lost hundreds of fake dollars
22- my default emotion is confusion
23- i feel completely at home when it is rainy/cloudy
24- I credit my humor to Gilmore Girls, Charly, and Laffy Taffys
25 -In 2nd grade I lied on the eye exam because i wanted glasses like my older sister... i wore them for about a week... then 6 years later wanted to lie again to get out of getting them for real... its a lot harder to pretend like you can actually see the tiny letters

There you go. that should be enough to get started! im so excited I could jump around.. actually i think ill do just that! [peace]