Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good News Minute

this is probably one of my favorite/least favorite things about Relief Society.. on one hand I get suuper excited to hear whats going on in peoples lives.. and who doesn’t like a little positivity in the morning?… on the other hand tho sometimes I start feeling really uncomfortable/embarrassed for people, this usually happens when it starts getting ridiculous. For example in my freshman ward every week it was the same thing “my brother gets home from his mission and he is hot” .. “my brother gets home from his mission and he is hotter than her brother” .. “my brother leaves on his mission and he is gooorgeous” that one has got to be my favorite tho.. yay awesome, gorgeous brother leaving? Cuz that’s what every girl wants... to write a missionary! Fun times waiting 2 years!... lets not even mention the fact that all the girls felt the desire to talk about the looks, isn’t calling ur own brother hot a little weird.. just a tad bit…. Wow anyways that was a tangent and actually relates to nothing! Awesome. Moving on.

These past couple days/weeks have been so great. And since my relief society usually forgets about good news minute.. Im going to have my own. Right now.

1 ) I have been hanging out with my bff Chantel a lot more lately which always makes me smile! We have had lots of funny times and adventures plus we have the same sense of humor so when we are together I cant help but smile and laugh! This weekend we went to a dance party where we took best friend pictures with miley cyrus, and danced like fools, and watched fools dance!

this is us at the dance party.. ain't we cuute!

We also took a “taking a break from life” day and ate chick food [like girly foods, not chicken food, that would be gross], tried stealing peoples leftovers, and watched our good friends on the bachelor. That show is quite entertaining watching alone, but having someone elses commentary added was even better! This reminds me.. I wish I could watch every television show with Ellen Degeneres cuz pretty sure that would make reality tv 750 times more entertaining. Just sayin.

2 ) I have amazing friends!
Like this girl:

[we are making cement dontcha know!]
Who knew after 18 years we would still be best friends? Pretty sure I can go to her for anything, and do go to her for anything. As of late we have been sitting on our butts watching the Olympics together and it has made for some some pretty good times. Nothing better than a best friend, frozen yogurt, and male figure skaters, not to mention the increasing amount of American pride!
3 ) I had a valentines Day date! Lezzy style. With these gorgeous chicas!

We went and saw the movie “Valentines Day” [slightly cliché I kno] and took pictures and ate more frozen yogurt [yeah we like it a lot don’t judge] and laughed and cried and hugged and leaped. Well I don’t know if anyone cried, but laughing was definitely done. And the movie was really cute, and overflowing with some good lookin people.. which is always a plus.
4 ) this story was on the news last night which just made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Let me share:
These 2 men. Roman and Reyes, were wanted for shooting a police officer and the police heard they were hiding out in their relatives house, so the SWAT team goes and surrounds that house, and then has the police evacuate the rest of the neighborhood. However, Roman & Reyes were actually hiding in 2 houses down, so they got a police escort out of the house, and out of the neighborhood, as the SWAT team tear gases the wrong house! Bahahahaha. Oh man I bet those 2 men were just dying as the police escorted them to safety! [they caught the guys the next day.. don’t worry im not an awful person happy criminals are on the loose]
5 ) I lost $40 yesterday.. which is absolutely NOT good news. It slipped right out of my pocket. : ( BUT! That does mean that I made someone elses day! I just hope whoever found it jumped up and down, maybe skipped a little, told all their roommates, and bought something really good, not like drugs or Pokemon cards or something.
6 ) Im just making some life changing decisions right now and everything is just falling right into place, and I feel good! Things are going to turn out great and Im excited! But all that is for another post. Much too long.

yeah mine is definitely not going to be average!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Walt Disney would cry if he saw the Disney Channel today... mixed in w/ a little manners.

Okay so the other night I was flipping through channels, and happened* to land on the Disney Channel during this little gem of a music video.
*yes, it was just a happening to land on moment, Im not a frequent Disney channel watcher*

Aight.. so I urge you to just watch a moment of it.. cuz it is so awesome. But if you want to revolt ...Heres the run-down: Hannah montana song.. set to an old mickey mouse clip.. they actually made it appear that Minnie’s lips were moving along with the song……………. Hence Walt Disney crying. Pretty sure it was the funniest/dumbest thing I have ever seen come off that channel. I have to admit tho, I did sit and watch the whole video, and it definitely made my night, laughing so hard until you cry, never a bad feeling really.

(sorry the video quality is kinda sucky.. but I think it just adds to its awesomeness)

Best moment of the day so far:
So at work I schedule stuff, like people and equipment. So reporters call in and say I need a camera op such and such day for this time, usually in a very demanding, ‘if you don’t make this happen my life is going to be over’ tone. Today this boy actually said please! I was shocked.. and much more happy to put in his request. Oh how a little manners can go a very long way!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi my name is Emily, and I have a problem.....

*cue support group* hiiiiii emily!

I went through a whole pack of this....

.... in 2 days... like opened up a new pack on wednesday night .. and just popped the last piece in my mouth.. crap.. thats not even 2 whole days, and then if you subtract sleeping time... oh geez.. im addicted help!

ps.. I love my family they are amazing! Just thought you should all be jealous. More to come on them tho later when Im not supposed to be studying for a killer physiology test...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Idol...

Have you ever gotten an overwhelming feeling of love for someone. Where it is just so strong that you want to scream that you love them, hug them, jump on them, kiss them, whatever?!

Yeah usually this happens to someone that I don’t know.. has changed your life or something.. or um.. you actually know!
Well for me, every Wednesday when I watch the The Biggest Loser I get that overwhelming feeling of love for her ----

Jillian Micheals, the personal trainer on the Biggest Loser.. oh man do I [heart] you!
My goal in life is to be her! [with a little more clothes on my body that is] She is so amazingly motivating, inspirational, hardcore, and totally ruthless all at the same time! Its like drill sergeant meets school counselor…. Uh awesome.
Yep yep, yeah definitely my goal.

Plus this is her coworker….

Not to shabby for emily..
[and thats not even a good pic... sad]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Question of the Day..

Why/how is it that I can go to the gym for at least an hour every day no sweat.... well a little sweat.. easy schmeezy tho! BUT.. this site: 

...fills me with immense feelings of deep dread... like having to go to the dentist, take a hard test, rake up leaves, pick weeds kinda dread... I mean climbing all those stairs... ughh... gross! 
I blame the small toddler Im forced to cart around all day (aka backpack).... books, notebooks, computer? all overrated, im gonna invest in a fanny pack and bring only that to school.. phone, food, lipgloss.. check!

or maybe ill just invest in some balloons... probly cheaper.. 

On a funnier note: 
I totally jumped this morning and almost threw my phone (yeah apparently that is my defense instinct.. some throw shoes, i throw phone).... but it was because i saw this:

yeah seriously creepy right?!  Its in the library... and if you just get a glimpse out of the corner of your eye.... scarieeeee!!! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What do you do when your brain decides to rebel?

So Im having a really bad focus day…
and its not like Im getting distracted by my surroundings, facebook, gmail, blogs, texts, the usual.. its my brain that’s the culprit! What do you do with that.. you can’t really escape it, unless you have multiple personalities and switch over the less distracting one… but.. I am 87.5% sure that I don’t have that problem..
see this is what I just realized this -- that I have been seriously staring at my computer for the past 20 minutes… just staring a blank screen thinking.. and let me tell you, my brain is a wild jungle full of scary gibberish……

"man I love this heater under my desk, warmth, fire, fireplace, huge fireplace in a dream house, dream house, huge closet, closet opening up to mall, clothes, Victoria beckham, (yeah I don’t know), English, England, accents, Ireland, castles, the prince and the frog, what it would be like to be a frog, tanning on lily pads, green, broccoli, trees, climbing trees, baby trees, baby corn, do I like baby corn, what is the purpose of baby corn, high school, eww math, projectors, I wish I had an old school projector, homework doing would increase exponentially with a projector, eww math, kids, Barbie jeeps, I still want to drive a kid Barbie jeep, driving that would be more fun than just driving a boring old car, old cars, parades, candy.. mm.. fire trucks, firemen, marshmallows, clouds, wishing I could walk on clouds, would they be squishy, or bouncy like trampolines, trampolines, gymnastics, Olympics, baby china gymnasts, gymnasts fighting hockey players, hockey puck, monkey, monkey, underpants….."
Its becoming an issue..

On a different note… homework assignment for Obesity & Weight Management : Watching this video - Elder Holland “To young Women” Gen. Conf. Oct 2005….
I tried figuring out how to post.. but I can’t so y’all should just go look it up, cuz it is amazing! Like truly..
A couple points that I particularly loved:

1) “We should all be as fit as we can be—that's good Word of Wisdom doctrine. That means eating right and exercising and helping our bodies function at their optimum strength. We could probably all do better in that regard. But I speak here of optimum health; there is no universal optimum size.” [love that! Im a huge fan of working out, *note choice of major* so I like that he mentions the importance of it, but also the importance of accepting and loving your body/size & shape you are, so so important]
2) “The loveliest women have a glow of health, a warm personality, a love of learning, stability of character, integrity, and the sweet and gentle Spirit of the Lord”
[A to the men!]
*good things being said.. check it out for reals.
Can I also add how awesome it is to go to BYU, I mean nowhere else would that be a homework assignment. Dang im luckeey!

I just took a look in a mirror and realized this..
im wearing all black today… well technically grey pants… black belt… black tanktop.. black shirt.. black jacket… wheres the funeral? Apparently im in mourning….

I gots purple shoes on tho! Yay for color!
*like I said.. major focus problems.. you were all warned tho…

Thursday, February 4, 2010

So I recently had a friend tell me that the thing he admires most about me is my ability to stay optimistic and happy in any circumstance. Which I found to be the biggest compliment ever. But then 3 days later, yesterday happened…. Pretty much, long story short, it was a rough day. Some things I was counting on fell through, I wasn’t hired as an efy counselor which I was really looking forward to, midterms, and then on top of that I have a cold that seems to be stealing all my energy. In any case I was not happy, and I didn’t want to be. I was tired of things not working out, and I was tired of being optimistic about it. It wasn’t fair and I just wanted to whine!

So Im sitting in JKB just wallowing in my frustrations when I look outside and see the beautiful day, and realize it is the 3rd of February in Utah and Im walking around in a t-shirt!

Then a little girl, probably around 1, comes running in laughing and jumping, gets to the stairs, pauses for a sec, then slowly starts climbing them, and it was super super cute!

Then I look over and the boy next to me has fallen asleep sitting straight up, head tilted back, mouth wide open, which was kinda funny anyways, but the best part was this other kid walked in.. saw him.. stopped.. pulled out a camera and snapped a picture.. which was just incredibly random…

( yeah.. add 20 yrs.. subtract the car seat ... and we have match)
And I just got SO happy!
I then realized.. this is where my optimism comes from.. the very simplest things. Sometimes I feel self conscious about how my mind always works so simply, but now I see that might just be a blessing, a talent if you will, cuz it is always the smallest things that end up making my day! : )