Tuesday, April 10, 2012

so im a RM and maybe weird.. deal with it.

So we all know those weirdee RMs.. actually its normal and expected yet we all still cant help but make fun of them, and for those that served missions you may have even thought Im not going to be a weirdee RM, im going to be completely normal.. I know that is what I thought then here I find myself doing things I never thought I would and being definitely a little weirdee..  so here it is the weirdieness of RMS ie ME
Music….. Yeah still cant really listen to music like I used to anyways, See the thing is before I was a music fanatic.. I woke up to music, got ready to music, first thing at work turned on Pandora, worked out to music, studied to music, even fell asleep to music. And it was something I actually missed a lot on my mission, some days I even longed for my itunes…. But now im here, I have itunes access right at my fingertips, any song I so desire and this is what I find myself doing… usher, skip, secondhand serenade, skip, owl city skip, kanye skip.. wait.. better yet delete!!… efy.. yeah, that’s good!

Movies. im completely out of it, currently trying to catch up on all that I have missed the last 18 months, I have quite the list. However, something about movie watching.. it is hard. And the number 1 reason why…. The suspense. It kills me man!  The first movie I watched was “Tangled” yeah starting small Disney stuff.. and even that movie got to suspenseful for me, I started freaking out not knowing what was going to happen, my heart was beating really fast, palms sweating, you know. Suspense is a feeling that you don’t have very often as a missionary especially in movies, I mean “The restoration” oh whats going to happen to jose smith?! Oh wait….. I know.  I did however get through this suspense phobia thing I got going on to have a harry potter marathon wit my sis, 4pm to 2am. HP5-8.. kicked butt!           
  Dating.. well its true, now that the RM status has been placed the setting me up with people has begun.  Pretty much everyone has me married off to someone, friends, cousins, cousins of roommates friend, random BYU shirt wearing boys on cruises u kno. But hey, better to just roll with it, so bring on the dates, but expect that I will speak of Chile throughout dinner, typical minature golf, and the awkward doorstep scene.
  Which brings me to the next… RMS always just talk about mission stories…. Uh. Of course we do! We haven’t known anything else for the past 18 months, what do you talk about.. oh wait what you have been doing for the past year and half, right, me too! But seriously, I can and will apply Chile/mission to any conversation, nothing else is even in my brain. Sorry. Oh and if not Chile applying, I will apply the gospel to any and all situations, 
Spanglish... yeah that exists. I think everything I want to say still enters my brain in Spanish and then i quickly translate it to english before letting it go. Sometimes. But i will speak Spanish to anyone that I can, not to show off (although i am cooler for knowing 2 languages. ; )bah jk) but just to praaactice! And it makes me feel at home. cuz you know Chile is kinda my home. 
Well thats all the updates for now. Although i have some quite embarrassing stories that I will share with you in the future. now dont you even worry. Mostly I miss Chile a lot and dream about going back everyday. I miss more being a missionary and thinking of others and sharing the gospel. It really was the best 18 months of my life. I dont even care if I have to be a little weird now cuz pretty sure the experience was definitely worth it.


  1. ps. i did not mean to put that picture of me with all the elders right under the dating.. i mean. i just didnt realize the placing.

  2. yay for weirdee RMs! i totally agree about music. and there were only like 4 movies everyone told me to watch (despicable me, megamind, tangled and inception). and so i watched those and none else. you know what's weird...? i HATE tv now. ick

  3. Haha! It would have worked out with random BYU T-shirt boy on the cruise if only he hadn't been married!

    P.S. You should watch Megamind too. It's funny.

  4. Thanks Em!! It's what I have been missing the last 4 weeks or so. My week is now complete and I can go on. I'll be waiting for next week's update!!!