Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello from the MTC!

Hello from the MTC! So I leave on Monday the 18th and I have had an amazing experience so far. I cannot wait to get to Chile and share the gospel and meet the people and love the culture! Im so glad I made this decision to go on a mission Although it has been way hard, cant lie, the god have out weighed the bad, and I have made life long friends with the leaders in my district and other hermanas. Honestly so great. My fam is going to start posting my letters with all my Chilean experiences! Miss you all, Write Me! Here are my top 7 things I have learned, plus some fun/random ones. (list of things I have learned)

1) The best way to teach is through my example and my love for my investigators. Everything I do should bring others to Christ. I need to act like I know this is the true church- though how I live others can know that I know the gospel is true.
     Also, I need to complete love for my investigators- I need to love them enough to save them. (1 Nephi 19:9)

2) I need to "embrace, enhance, magnify every moment" I need to work, work, work and not waste any second. Be bigger, better, bolder than have ever been before. I need to use the Lords time wisely so that I can become an instrument in his hands, because the Lord can make so much more out of me than I can. Christ is not sending missionaries out into the world to hold line but to Fight! To change lives, giving all my might, mind, strength to the work, remembering that I will get out what I put in.

3) The spirit is hosts its all about what I say is not as important as how I make the investigator feel. How I invite the spirit, and provide them with the opportunities to have personal spiritual experience. Soriaxe is an investigator Hermano Anderson told us about who was super difficult, atheist, stubborn- but he ended up getting baptized. Hermano Anderson asked what they said that changed his mind and he said, " The spirit helped my heart understood things my mind couldn't comprehend".

4) To have no fear. To have complete faith! I need to take the first step, just open my mouth, with Faith that it will be filled. Talk to everyone and never, ever, ever, ever, shut up! If i work with faith and focus I will give the Lord something to work with. (D:C 100 4-8; D:C 30:11)

5) I came to a better understanding of the enabling power of the atonement. Through the atonement we can do anything atonement enables us to have comfort and peace, enables us to repent, enables us to become like Christ. When times get hard remember that if we want to be Christs disciple. We have "to spend a few hours in Gethsemne, a little while in Calvary, and take a couple steps up to the summit". We have to go through some of the pains Jesus Christ went through but the atonement will carry us through. Missions are hard for a reason, but during those hard times I can stand tall because I'm standing closer to and even next to Christ himself.

6) The Lord is with me always. He abides in me, and I in him (Moses 6:32-34) God loves me so much, he wont let me be alone. Lord is on my right, and on my left with angels going before me. ( D:C 80:88)

7) Humility, humility, humility. This work is not even a little bit possible to do by myself. Alone I am nothing but with the Lord I can be strong.

                               "Every hour, every day, every step all the way. This is war!"
                                                 -And just some random fun ones-

1- You can create and analogy using a pen that will relate to any gospel principle.

2- " you've got mail" really are the 3 greatest words on the planet, and they may not admit it but every 19 yr old boy knows and will sing the blue clues mail time song.

3- It is possible to be so tired you fall asleep standing, sitting, kneeling, walking- but pulling on ear lobe is an effective way to stay awake.

4- "Called to serve" is an amazing song until you sing it 3 times a week for 9 weeks.

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