Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Puzzling Observation

So all last week I have been having this crazy craving to do a puzzle. It all started when I saw the receptionist at my place of employment doing a puzzle to save her from the boredom that is working at an on-campus job during the summer. I understand her pain though I try to find less obvious ways of not working. Aaanyways, ever since I have really wanted a puzzle and thought it would be a fun way to waste some time, especially since my former time waster of watching sweet Michael Scott jokes and Jim/Dwight pranks has come to an end. (moment of silence) moving on.  Friday after work I headed to DI *note* I don’t know why in my 5 years of living in provo that I have never really thought to go to DI, its magical! I now buy everything that I don’t really need, therefore don’t want to spend lots of money, there at DI, last week I got shin guards for $1!   
And I pretty much hit the puzzle jackpot. I got 2 super nice puzzles, like Thomas Kinkade and Dowdle for $1 each! Now I was 96% sure that they would only include 84.5% of the pieces but for $1, who cares right?

I decided to set the puzzle up on my bedroom so that whenever I had a spare moment I could just sit and put a few pieces together. I broke up a cardboard box, made a nice sturdy board, and got to work. Friday and Saturday were busy enough that I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it which was fine, but then Sunday came it was the perfect activity! Plus it’s a puzzle of Salt Lake City so I was like a little modern day pioneer building the Salt Lake Temple puzzle version. This is when the problem started…. Sunday night as I was laying in bed, trying to sleep, I felt that I could hear the unfinished puzzle taunting me from the floor. So I got up and worked on it a little longer. The same thing has happened every night since! I am about to go to bed, its late, im tired, I have to wake up early in the morning, but I can’t pass the puzzle without stopping and fitting a few pieces together, but then I can’t just stop after a couple pieces. I get sucked in and before I know it an hour or 2 has passed and im still sitting on my bedroom floor.- like this..
 I also have to admit that its not only at night, but in the morning, afternoon, I can’t go into my room anymore. Its sucking up my life.  All I want to do is puzzle.

Luckily I am almost done now. I can’t handle any more of these late nights due to a puzzle. Im tired. But I have learned something from this experience—I hate leaving projects undone. Its really hard. I better finish it in one sitting or just not start it at all. I think the next puzzle Ill put together in the basement so at least I won’t be able to hear the taunting cries of the unfinished puzzle. 


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