Monday, January 28, 2013

Zoo Day

We went to the zoo Saturday and it was awesome! 

 It was built in the early 1900's and it was really one of the coolest zoos I have been too, which is only a list of maybe 4, but really this was number one. As we walked in I kept seeing signs saying "Don't touch the animals" and I think, "well thats kind of excessive. I mean its a zoo how close can you really get to the animals anyway." -- But then as we start walking around I realize.. you get SUPER close to the animals. We literally could have reached out and touched a lot of them. This monkey was holding out his hand and I could have held it!-- But I stayed obedient, Mercedes helped me on that by saying I would get a monkeys disease and end up on House, (but I still wish I would have held his hand). 

See super close. I could have hopped right over to that elephant. Or better yet he could have charged. I kept seeing a Madagascar situation where all the animals escape. 

I mean the super dangerous animals were in big pits, like the lions, tigers, and bears. (oh my?) But the rest where just right there.  

Another cool thing is that it is right in the middle of the city, our apartment is literally across the street. But then you walk in and its a jungle. And the pathways are super old, cobble stone, and the cages all look like they were made in 1900s. I felt myself going back in time seriously, and imagining this european style argentina in the 1900s. Random argentine fact-- it used to be a 1st world country, but has rapidly declined to 3rd world. One of the fastest country declines in history. But seeing this zoo really showed its 1st worldness. This is one of the older cages. Pretty. 

There was also a really cute marine show. When I see marine shows I think that it would be fun to be a marine biologist and work with those animals. But then I think about it and realize I don't really like animals.... 

There were also animals that I have never seen before in real life! Like a Toucan, and a camel! And animals that I didn't even know existed and still not sure what it was. 

And Bambi! Weird how deer and elk were deemed zoo worthy. (not to mention buffalo and bison)

I love to see what Cordoba has to offer! I think this is one of its hidden treasures. 

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