Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frustrate Comfort Zones

So one week in Cordoba and I have fallen in love. When we were training we were taught that we were going to have to help people frustrate their comfort zones, not totally jump out of them but get close. We constantly need to be changing to progress, and change comes through frustrating comfort zones. I feel like this internship will help me frustrate my own comfort zone, but I love it!

This week was quite eventful. We taught our first workshop. ie the reason we came here. We had spent 4 days in Salt Lake before this getting taught how to teach this workshop effectively. It was pretty awesome being in church headquarters and getting to meet all these guys that work for church welfare and church employment. I fell in love with the workshop and everything it teaches! Seriously you should all go to and find a workshop and go. Especially as students the things you learn will help a ton in looking for a job. 

So anyway- first workshop went alright. There was 12 people and it was kinda hard to get them to open up and talk but when we started playing games it went a lot better. Now we are just thinking up fun activities to do for every section we teach. For example, one of the sections we teach called "Continuing Success" so we talk about how to prevent problems. So mercedes and I made this dice of misfortune they had to roll, one said what happened, (like an event), and the other said how it affected them. Then they had to come up with a way to explain it to their employer. They really just ended up being funny sentences and the class LOVED it. This was our favorite grouping.. "Your cat died, so you had no one to leave the kids with" bahah..

We will teach a workshop every week and we will be traveling all over Argentina to do it which is way cool! 

We also go out and explore Cordoba every day! For one of the classes Mercedes and I are taking we have to do different culture activities so we have been working on that. For example, last week we went to a catholic mass which was interesting. At Mass we noticed that there was a ton of people are age, and it kinda surprised us so we went up and talked to them afterward just to know more about mass and everything. They were cool and invited us to hang out with them sometimes! They get together and do service multiple times a week which is awesome, we will probably go help them sometime. That is the catholic church we went to, called Los Capuchinos, which we just thought was funny, haha capuchino.. maybe not?  

Also we went to the movies to study mass media. Again we talked to people in line asking questions about the movies. Anywhere we go we try to talk to as many people as we can. It's pretty fun to use the "so we aren't from around here......... " and then get them to tell us all their secrets.

Well that's about all for now. Here are some more pictures for your enjoyment. and so I can brag about how cool Cordoba is. ; )

 The sister missionaries that served in the Employment center. They left the weekend after we got here which is sad cuz they were really sweet. 

 Area reforested so no dancing? whaaat? also no running. honestly this sign was just hilarious. look at that mans body!

 This is a park where they train for the Olympics... haha. joke. But no really, it just has a bunch of rings and I;m not sure why. 
 The mall!. isnt that the prettiest building ever. 

And the view from my balcony. The city of Cordoba. We live right downtown with all the college students. It's a party. ha. 

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